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Akashic Initiation #3

by E. J. Gold

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Track 1 02:34
Track 2 05:51
Track 3 04:26
Track 4 04:03
Track 5 03:28
Track 6 02:18
Track 7 03:20
Track 8 02:22
Track 9 02:27
Track 10 03:02
Track 11 03:44


The Akashic Initiation with their Secret Scenarios constitute an ancient Teaching Machine which confers intitiation by personal experience. Each CD is a separate Initiation voyage in itself. Each Initiation works with the other Initiations to form a whole level of Personal Initiation. In each Chamber the Astral Traveler will either participate or watch an event unfold. These special Akashic Events are permanently recorded as full- dimensional sight-sound holograms.
The Astral Travel CD Series uses a series of seemingly innocuous "keys" laid down with a vibe, which trigger the Akashic Code. The Akashic Code then redirects the Astral Traveler to the specific chamber called for by the Code in the Astral Travel Akashic Code Sound Track.
What Secrets Did the Ancients Possess? The primary secrets were invisibility, levitation, teleportation, hypnosis, shape-shifting, astral projection and telepathy. All of those ancient secrets are available today. How do you obtain these secrets?
Certainly not by reading a book or attending a lecture. These secrets are only conveyed in one way -- by Initiation.
How does Initiation work?
Initiation conveys the entire secret all at one moment.
How does one get initiated? Largely by luck and persistence. Initiation does not always "take". It may require several tries for each Initiation. There are a total of 10 Deep Initiations, all of which can be attained through the use of my Akashic Initiation CDs under the proper conditions. What are the proper conditions? A good spirit, healthy goals and a higher purpose are good starting points, after which, it's mostly luck and timing.


released August 12, 2021

2010 Cloister Recordings. All rights reserved.
Front cover: Mandala, original art by E.J. Gold colored pencil, 2010 HEI
Engineered by Oz Fritz


all rights reserved



Faxl Music

FAXL is composed of core members E.J. Gold, Robbert Trice, Nancy Burns, Claude Needham, Iven Lourie, Tabatha Jones, Jim Rodney, and anyone else that happens to find their way on stage. When their tour brings them through Grass Valley, you might see HuDost join in.

FAXL is rapidly developing their own unique sound -- influenced by blues, folk, world, rock, classical, and jazz.
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